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Strommen specializes in private and semi-private instruction. If you are looking for art classes in St Louis, look no further! For the price of a standard art class you can experience what it is like to be a professional fine artist by taking classes in a real artist studio. The classes can be set up around your schedule (7 days a week) and can even be at your home or studio. Strommen can help you take your art skills to the next level by adapting to your specific needs, interests, level and goals. Our private art classes are perfect for the experienced fine artist in need of a mentor as well as beginners just starting their art education.

Classes are all ages and all levels

• Oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, ink wash charcoal, oil crayon and more

• The instructor specializes in figure drawing, portraiture, work from photographic sources, mixed media and collage.

• Group classes available for a discounted rate

About the Instructor:

Genell Miller is a St. Louis artist who has exhibited her paintings internationally. She has taught drawing, painting and design for thirty years, most recently at Temple University in Rome, Italy. Examples of her work can be seen at Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis and at Please contact us via our student application form here to get started!

Special Art Courses (can be set up for private students or small groups):

Object Drawing 1

Object drawing class for all levels from beginner to advanced students who want discipline, critique and reinforcement of fundamentals. The class will be held at the instructor’s studio in Soulard in St. Louis, Missouri. Using still life as subject the class will explore fundamental design and drawing principles. The use of line, contour, gesture, placement in space and perspective will be introduced and reinforced. Students will learn to draw rapidly and with confidence. At least one sketchbook will be completed by the end of the four-week session. Materials required for the first day include a large sketchbook, an erasable ballpoint pen in blue or black, a kneaded eraser, and a variety of drawing pencils. Outside drawing is required. Please bring several examples of your work or complete a new drawing before the first class.

Drawing the portrait from life I

The class is held in the instructor’s studio in Soulard in St. Louis, Mo.. This is a drawing class that deals with the structural elements of the human head. Students will work with a live model and do studies and extended drawings using the fundamentals of contour and gesture as well as exploring structural elements as they relate to light and shadow, spatial relationships and composition. Outside assignments required. Material required for the first class are a variety of soft drawing pencils, a large sketchbook, and a kneaded eraser. Other materials will be required as the class progresses. (please fill out our student application form for more info)

Color and the Still Life drawing I

This class will explore the three dimensional aspects of light and shadow in color. Using the still life as subject in a controlled lighting situation students will explore color principles i.e. saturation, temperature, intensity and optical color mixing. A series of four classes will be held in the instructor’s studio in Soulard in St. Louis, Missouri. Please bring material and be prepared to work on the first day. Materials required initially are a set of soft colored pencils and a sketchbook with a heavy paper. Other materials may be required as the course progresses.

Object Drawing and Chiaro Scuro II

The class will be held in the instructor’s studio in Soulard in St. Louis, Missouri. With still life as subject matter, the class will explore extended modeled drawing. Concentration will be upon light and shadow in the monochromatic grey tone values of pencil drawing. Emphasis will be upon light and shadow and the three-dimension illusion of representational drawing. Students will use pencil and work either in sketchbooks or on drawing paper and a drawing board. Materials required for the first day are a variety of drawing pencils, several large sheets of drawing paper on a drawing board, a sketchbook for studies and a kneaded eraser. Other material may be required as the course progresses. Outside drawing is required.

Contact or Call Us: (323) 638 9787



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